Suzuki Violin Lessons 

Weekly private lessons with monthly group lesson.


Julia Marble teaches Suzuki violin lessons at the studio.  Students as young as three years old are welcome to start lessons. Please visit with Julia to see if your child is ready to begin lessons. For more information about Suzuki, see "Suzuki Method."

 Traditional lessons are also offered for adult students interested in violin or fiddle.


Private Voice lessons

Weekly private lessons including a monthly studio singing class


Bethany teaches our voice lessons at the studio. Students are welcome to begin formal voice lessons in the 6th grade. Students will develop free and healthy singing habits through folk songs and musical theater.  High school and adult students will expand their vocal technique through classical vocal training. 

Students younger than 6th grade are welcome to take piano lessons to develop skills such as note reading, music theory, and musical expression. Bethany also teaches piano lessons at the studio.


Piano Lessons

Weekly private lessons 


Karlie teaches piano at the studio. Students as young as four and five are welcome to begin piano lessons. Parents of young children are always encouraged to sit in on lessons and take practice notes. 

Bethany also teaches piano. Both studios use Faber and Faber method.


Violin, Viola and Cello Lessons

Weekly Private Lessons with monthly group class


Kalindi teaches all strings at the studio including weekly cello, viola and violin lessons using the Suzuki books and other supplementary materials. Students as young as five years old are welcome to start lessons. Kalindi also teaches all students in a monthly group class dedicated to ensemble playing and chamber music.


Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Weekly private lessons


Kasten teaches acoustic, jazz, and classical guitar as well as ukulele lessons at the studio. All ages welcome. Students younger than second grade may be encouraged to begin with a ukulele to build up finger strength before moving to a guitar.