Music Packages

Here are our most popular music packages for weddings and events featuring strings, vocals, piano, and guitar. If you would like to customize a package, please contact us for a free consultation.

Photo credit: Spencer Studios

Photo credit: Spencer Studios

Solo Packages

Piano Solo: timeless and classy, perfect for ceremonies with liturgy or traditional singing

Violin Solo: flowing and melodic, perfect for outdoor and nontraditional ceremony locations

Cello Solo: melodic and romantic, the low tones of the cello are perfect for smaller indoor ceremonies

Classical Guitar Solo: intimate and welcoming, this indoor only option is perfect for small, elegant ceremonies, Also a wonderful addition to a light cocktail hour or dinner reception!


Duet Packages:

Voice & Piano: This is a wonderful choice for the bride who want to showcase the lyrics of the music she has selected or feature as a cantor for religious ceremonies.

Violin & Cello: This budget friendly string choice highlights both the melodic tones and bass line creating a stunning addition to both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

String Instrument & Piano: This customizable package allows brides to choose between violin, viola, and cello to pair with piano for a lovely and classic sound for their indoor ceremony.

Jazz Guitar Duo: Kick off your party with our jazz guitar and bass guitar duet! With amplification included in package, this duet can create the perfect atmosphere for any cocktail hour or reception.

Voice & Piano Duet recorded at our studio on Seward’s historic downtown square.

Voice & Piano Duet sample taken from the Catholic Mass recorded at our studio location in Seward

Violin & Cello Duet recorded at our studio on Seward’s historic downtown square.

Violin & Piano Duet recorded at Holy Savior Lutheran Church in Lincoln

Photo Credit: Spencer Studios

Photo Credit: Spencer Studios

Trio Packages

Vocal Trio (voice, violin, piano): Truly the perfect blend of lyrics and melody, feature a solo singer with violin and piano collaboration. Brides can customize song features and instrumental interludes based on their ceremony.

Piano Trio (violin, cello, piano): Unique and elegant, this trio will create an absolutely stunning musical environment for any indoor ceremony no matter the size.

String Trio (violin, viola, cello): Our most popular string only package, this trio will travel to any location. The beautiful tones of the strings blend together to create a full bodied sound that will match any ceremony or reception.

Vocal Trio-violin, voice, & piano sample clip recorded at our studio on Seward’s historic downtown square

String Trio Example recorded at our studio location

String Trio playing Canon in D


Quartet Packages

Vocal Quartet (voice with string/piano trio): This is the complete musical package! We love this package so much because it showcases all of what Marble Music has to offer in an exceptional way. This package is our #1 package for Catholic ceremonies, featuring opportunity for a cantor/soloist as well as a string ensemble for processional music.

String Quartet (violins, viola, cello): When deciding on music for your special day, there is both a musical and visual wow factor in having a string quartet! We highly recommend this package for indoor or outdoor ceremonies.